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What problems can you help with hypnosis & NLP?

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Here’s the general structure of problems I can help with:

  • I want to do X, but something stops me.
  • I want to do X, but I don’t know how.
  • I want to stop doing X, but I can’t.
  • Every time A happens, I feel B. What I want is to feel C so I can do D.

A bit too general for you? Well, I can pretty much change any undesirable behavior or reaction into something else. That includes mental behaviors and destructive beliefs. I can also help with lack of motivation, which is generally a result of conflicting values or priorities.

I can’t really list every single example. Some problems I haven’t worked with yet. So let me give you examples of things I’ve done and how long it took, by looking through my client files. Below that you can find actual client written reviews, as well as case summaries on the following issues:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: PTSD Sleep Terrors – 1 Session

This ex-army officer regularly woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, hallucinating briefly that one of his men who died was staring at him. He felt guilty for failing him. This led him to dread going to sleep. He also had an aversion to bar-b-q chicken, because that’s what was cooking when he walked out of the morgue when he’d just identified the bodies. I used a modified version of the Phobia Cure. The aversion to chicken was also gone.

Dear Linda ,

I was wondering if past traumatic events could be erased or lessened from my memory. Heck if that whole period of my life was erased and replaced with whatever would be fine with me.

I served in Iraq, and saw and experience things that I do not care to remember. I wake in cold night sweats. I have been to counseling and the full blown paranoia/fright has abated, but the work up to the 19th of April every year I get night sweats that progressively get worst till the 19th has past. Then I get night sweats about once or twice a month.

I can handle the once or twice a month, its the continuous night sweats that is most disturbing.

Thank you for your time,

April 14, 2010

Thank you for the Changework session dealing with PTSD. I know that in my session request form, that I requested that the memory be erased. I do find that the path chosen was wise, I have memory of all the traumatic incidents during my tour in Iraq, but I do not re-live it. I knew that this did burden my life, but I didn’t realize the extent it did until after completing our sessions and feeling totally at peace with myself and my experiences.

Sleeping was something I used to fear. Waking up in a cold sweat and out of breath can be a rather disturbing way to wake up, but to be cursed with this almost every night was just more than I could bear. I am happy to report that I no longer fear going to sleep. Matter of fact, going to sleep is one of the more peaceful time in my day now. I wake each more revitalized and ready to face the world.

Again, thank you.
May 14, 2010


Procrastination: About work – 1 session

SB. The real issue was that he was overworked and becoming ineffective, not sleeping enough, and not making time for his family. Cutting back on some work, even with a reduced income, allowed him to actually enjoy life more and reconnect with those he loved. After that, he was much more effective and focussed at work. Resolved with NLP reframing.


Drinking Problem – 4 Sessions

D.O. was drinking half a quart of whisky every night. It turned out to be about unresolved grief. This was in January 2005, and he stopped drinking after the first of the four sessions.

  • I could stop the review here, and declare it a success. He stopped drinking for 3 years. But drinking is what he does when he can’t cope, and he had more challenges ahead.


March 2008, was wanting to drink again, facing a different problem. 4 more sessions done that year on that issue, a combination of gender dysphoria and the resulting marital problems.

June 2009, was drinking again when we did our session.

February 2010 two sessions done, dealing with divorce. He was drunk during the first of these two sessions. As far as I know, he is still sober at this point, single, and struggling with whether to transition to living full time as a woman or not.

  • Drinking and drug addiction are serious problems, and I can’t entirely fix lifelong addiction issues. What I can do is help with whatever problems are driving the person to seek escape. Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous have a very good track record for keeping people sober, so even if you seek Changework, I’d highly recommend you make use of their help too.


Phobia Cure: Tunnels – 1 Session

SB. Fear of tunnels. Resolved with NLP phobia cure.


Motivation : Finding a Job – 1 Session

Hypnosis in action: How Linda helped me find my dream job

What is hypnosis? And can it help in difficult situations? Let’s give the
setup: I’d been underemployed for more than eight years, and unemployed
for 17 months. Something had to change, so I contacted Linda.

She had previously helped me cope with a difficult situation. Some months
ago, I needed to move immediately, but I was relatively unmotivated to do
all the tasks involved in moving. After one session, I packed and moved
fourteen hours per day for the next five days. Job completed, at 10 pm the
fifth night. The locks were changed the next day. I count that as a
complete success.

My difficulty in finding a job that meets my needs occurred because I used
to have problems picking something to work on when it is clear that I need
to do more than one task in a limited amount of time. So instead of
getting things done one at a time, my mind used to bounce from one idea to
another, without keeping a focus on a single task until it is complete.

Linda used the metaphor of a car to help me see where I was going.
The process involved, in my case, breaking large tasks into smaller
sub-tasks so I could see each sub-task to completion. Various things I
needed to do were to secure an income that would let me educate myself for
my dream job. The process after the hypnosis took more than three weeks,
but I am now in my dream job, working sixty hours per week and loving it.
My income is not yet where I want it to be, which is why I’m putting in
many extra hours educating myself to do my job better.

It’s been three months since that hypnosis session. My new job involves
putting together a massive database – 10+GB – and analyzing the data for
economic value. Lots of work, lots of fun, and I am involved in continuous

Written 25 November 2010 by switch.


Fear of Coming Out of the Closet, telling people you’re transgender – 1 session

Michelle’s Closet Key Review:

Linda did what she calls a Closet Key process for me that resulted in astounding results in quieting my fears of coming out to my friends and family that I am Transgender.

I have always been petrified to come out about my condition for fear of rejection from others and because I was not sure I had the inner strength to cope with rejection from those I loved and cared about.

The Closet Key approach allowed me mentally and emotionally to go through several best case worse case scenarios with those people with whom I feared a negative reaction. She was very patient to walk me through each exercise step by step relieving my anxiety as we went. By the end of our second session, I felt a new confidence and a determination to get on with my life being who I am. My fears that had always been disabling to me were reduced on a scale of 1 to 10 from a panic stricken 10 to a manageable 2.

Having been through two sessions with Linda, I feel confident to confide in her in the future as my life progresses and I find myself in need of support. Her compassion and intellect are equally reassuring and the combination of the two has allowed a very unsure me to gain confidence.

Wednesday March 3, 2010


Shame and Feeling like a loser for wanting to be feminine – 2 Sessions

A review of the Ugly Duckling phone session with Hypnotist Linda

Note: this person’s native toungue is German, I corrected a few typos and added punctuation. I asked him how intense his shame was at the beginning of the session, it was 8 out of 10. At the end, it was 0 out of 10.

First thing you should know about this session is what it is about. The ugly duckling is a metaphor. Its meaning is that a person doesn’t feel fit into society or feels not good or beautiful enough because the person is measured with concepts that don’t fit on him/her. Which is the case for men who feel that they want to explore a certain feminine aspect even its only for certain occasion, or want to feel feminine, or feel they are born in a wrong body.

A man should always be like a man, this is what society dictates us and that’s why a lot of men who don’t feel like this have problem with it, and feel like the ugly duckling: out of place. I will now explain why I chose to get a session with Hypnotist Linda and why it helped me a lot and why it can also help you. My motives have been more sexually oriented but I will explain also why everyone that has insecurity, problem with his/her feelings or gender issue could take this session and benefit a lot.

I have the problem that I feel unmanly in the sexual aspect of my life. I feel insecure and less of a man than others. I also have fantasies in which I want to be the female part in the sexual relationship and would love to experience the feeling of being a woman in bed. Now you who reads this might have a totally other reason to come to this page. But I explain why Hypnotist Linda helped me and even without trance.

She asked if I felt ashamed or out of place in society with my feelings: In my case was this true. She asked if I was feeling this because I was comparing myself to the men: Which was true.    She asked me now how would I see myself if I would think of myself not as man also not as woman but as crossdresser, transvestite, transexual, T-girl… the name would not matter just to make it simple as T-girl. Would I feel still totally out of place or less. She explained that this category doesn’t mean that I feel 100% as women, it means just that I’m a man that feels in certain aspect of his life more as a woman then a man. And as a T-girl this would be ok because the standard is not that of a man (duck) nor that of a dove (woman). As I tried to see myself in this category my doubts and shame was less then before. Then seeing myself as "T-girl", I could learn to accept my feelings. I even felt them normal. So if I’m normal I wouldn’t have to fight it I could accept it and learn to integrate it in my life.

You might say, what about the others, what about your family or your friends that might judge you. For this I would suggest you read my review of end of shame. This session here helps you to learn to accept yourself that you have those feelings and that those feelings aren’t something you need to be ashamed off. Because your not the only one. So here I learned that if I judge myself always as a man, I would always feel wrong but if I learned to compare myself to a "T-girl", a man that feels female in certain aspect of its life, I am totally normal and many men in the world feel the same as I do.

The important part of this session is that she opened my eyes to accept that I am different, and that it is ok, and by accepting this and not fighting against it I can learn to integrate this part into my life now, instead of always struggling to feel wrong. All that have a problem in accepting this part of you I suggest to talk with Hypnotist Linda. I wasn’t in trance we just talked and it helped a lot. I would suggest a two hour session because one hour would definitely have been too short.

Thanks again dear Hypnotist Linda for your support

6 June 2011


Reframed Phobia of Medical Procedures – 1 session

I have two upcoming medical procedures, and have a lot of anxiety, stress, and fear related to them ever since I was told that they were required. On a scale of 0 through 10, where 0 is no fear or anxiety at all, and 10 is a full blown panic, the first procedure had me around a 4, and the second procedure had me at about an 11. I thought about it very hard, and was able to pin down precisely what scared me about the procedures, but just didn’t have the tools to conquer my fear of them. Even though these procedures can only help me, I seriously consider canceling them every day.

In a single one hour session, Linda was able to reduce the fear of both of those procedures to absolute 0. Sitting here, not 10 minutes after the session itself, I am unbelievably amazed at this result. If you were to ask me before the session, I would have told you this kind of peace would have been impossible.

I’ll write two followups – one after the first procedure, and one after the second procedure, to report on the fear/anxiety levels both before, during, and after the events. Hopefully I will stay at this no fear level, but even if I end up needing followup appointments, the session has already served a very important result – I am definitely not going to cancel either of the two procedures.

If you have fear about anything, I highly recommend that you talk to her and see if she can help you. As an aside, it actually feels great, too.


  • I could have used the Fast Phobia Cure as I did with the client above, which basically renders the feared situation meaningless. However in this case I felt it best to create a change that was more generalized. We examined how the fear was represented, and then went to access a resource that would allow them to handle the situation gracefully. They chose a memory of fearlessness for that resource, and we anchored into a full visual and tactile representation, along with a soundtrack.
  • It turned out to be one of their peak creative resource states. I showed them how to call it up at will, as well as put it away inside them. From within that state, anything was possible. With humor and reframes, we examined the future events so that they became hilarious. While we have follow ups planned, I’m confident they’ll use that peak state to solve a variety of problems.
  • If I revealed the images we used, you’d be laughing too…