Linda’s Credit Card Payment Page

You will receive your appointment offer after filling out the appropriate Trance Request Form. See the Getting a Session page for details. Please only make session payments AFTER receiving your appointment date and time from Linda . First sessions are ALWAYS an hour.


You will see a charge to  or “ WEB-TOKENS.COM – GA  888-893-8621“ on your credit card statement. All prices are in US dollars.

After making payment, you will receive a confirmation email. If you haven’t received an email after ten minutes or get an error message, you may try paying again or Contact Linda.


Session Type Per Hour 5 Hours

(50$ saving)

Pay Button
Online Text / Yahoo Messenger $60 $250
Phone / Skype $80 $350
In-Person $100 Negotiable
Groups $150 + applicable travel expenses  Negotiable
Email Coaching Donation $5
Extended Advantage Online $100
Extended Advantage Phone $160
Fill out the Changework/Spirituality form or the Adventure Hypnosis form to request a session. All prices are based on US currency. Email Coaching is for those who can’t afford sessions, just need guidance and encouragement, or simply want to given thanks for help received. If you want to give more, simply increase the quantity.