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Welcome to my Pagan spirituality pages. This section is not about the services I offer. It’s about sharing what I’ve learned from the spirits, from practice and studies, for those who might find that useful. If you want to read about into Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP or Brief Therapy, any other option on the left menu will get you there.

Short version: I’m a Northern Tradition Pagan, spiritworker (and fairly inactive member of ADF, though I led a Norse ADF Grove for 9 years). I practice Northern European spirituality. This involves talking to spirits and honoring the Norse Gods and Goddesses. I don’t get brownie points for converting people to my faith. Do whatever works for you. This works for me.

If you’re a Montreal Pagan, looking for a Montreal Kindred or interested in Northern Tradition Paganism, feel free to get in touch. I am the founder, priestess and contact person for Lokabrenna Kindred. Note that we are not Asatru or Heathen and there are currently no Montreal Asatru kindred or Montreal Heathen groups (other than the occasional pub meet). However, if you don’t mind Loki, we’re probably close enough. This is not Norse Wicca. Lokabrenna means “Loki’s Torch” and was the Norse name for Sirius, the Dog Star. Our banner is a torch with the mask of comedy on the head of the torch.

We celebrate the 8 Pagan seasonal holidays, and hold monthly spirit suppers for Frigga’s Handmaidens. This is what our calendar looks like :

  • Yule (Winter Solstice): We hold a Yule vigil for the Sun Goddess Sunna, and also honor other fire deities.
  • Thorrablot (near February 1st ): We honor gods of winter and frost, namely Thorri (according to the Icelandic custom) and his sister Mjol. Some believe it to be to Thor, but the possessive (genitive declension) of Old Norse Þórr would be Thorsblot. -rr declines to -rs, while -ri declines to -ra. Thus Þórrablót is the blót (sacrifice feast) to Þórri.
  • Spring Equinox: Craft day! We make Ukrainian style easter eggs with wax and dyes (pysanka). We also honor craftspeople and Dwarves.
  • Walpurgisnacht (May Day): We re-enact in some form the marriage of Frey and Gerda, and make offering to the alfar (elves).
  • Midsummer (Summer Solstice): We hold a feast for Sunna.
  • Mermaids Rite (near August 1st) : We honor the sea gods, Njord, Aegir & Ran, and their 9 daughters (goddesses of dealing with difficult emotions)
  • Autumn Equinox: Craft Day! In honor of Loki, we make and paint leather masks. Last year, we instead combined Loki’s celebration with Talk Like a Pirate Day.
  • Winternights (early November) : A masked party with a room for communing with our beloved dead. We honor Hela and Mordgud, goddesses of death.

Our Spirits Suppers follow the moons, generally happening on the third or last Saturday of that moon. If there’s two full moons in a month, the second one is dedicated to Frigga, Queen of Asgard/Heaven, Goddess of the household and leader of the Goddesses.

  1. Fulla, January’s Moon: Goddess of managing abundance, Frigga’s personal attendant and right hand woman. She takes care of Frigga’s box (treasure chest), her shoes, and knows her secrets. Good at finding people’s talents, potential, and where they would be most useful. Lofn mentioned that Fulla takes very good care of Frigga’s little box and winked repeatedly. Perhaps Odin (Frigga’s husband) isn’t the only one who regularly enjoys himself outside of marriage…
  2. Sjofn, February’s Moon: Goddess of affection, friendships and relationships, between women and men but especially between women. These days, also rules social networking.
  3. Snotra, March’s Moon: Goddess of hospitality, wisdom, courtesy and politeness. She teaches how to bring out the most noble part of a person, to elevate them, and also how to elevate the gods through praise and offerings.
  4. Lofn, April’s Moon: Goddess of forbidden loves whose name means “Permission”.. Queer and kinky doesn’t even begin to describe it…
  5. Gefjon, May’s Moon: Goddess of agriculture, dance and unmarried (independant) women. The “working class girl” who rises to the top through hard work and cleverness. Women who die unmarried serve under her patronage in Asgard.
  6. Gna, June’s Moon: Messenger of the goddesses, rider of the flying horse Hoof Tosser. Living life on the road, talking your way out of bad situations and getting the job done.
  7. Hlin, July’s Moon: Goddess of mourning, warning of danger, protection and preparedness (being prepared to handle disasters and danger reduces the need for mourning). When the men were at war, the women trained to defend themselves…
  8. Saga, August’s Moon: Goddess of storytelling, as well as the poetry that served as mnemonics for stories. Patron of actors and con artists. The kind grandmother.
  9. Eir, September’s Moon: Goddess of healing, especially wounds, also listed among Valkyries. Learn First Aid to honor her.
  10. Syn, October’s Moon: Goddess of defense whose name means “Denial.” She prevents the unworthy from entering and helps in legal defense. Teaches how to have good boundaries, how to say “No”, and keep toxic people out of your life.
  11. Vor: November’s Moon: Goddess of knowledge out of darkness, divination, fasting and purification. The stern grandmother.
  12. Var, December’s Moon : Goddess of oaths and dedication to a path. Goes with New Year resolutions.

Gerda (Frey’s wife) has a special place in all our rituals. As goddess of enclosed gardens, we call on her to create sacred space and to make it safe from intrusions. Most Heathen groups typically call on Thor with a hammer hallowing for the same purpose.